• Made of Soft Touch Lambskin .8mm Thick Leather
  • The Leather Stretches to Fit Like Your Favorite Leggings
  • Unlined but Made with a Soft Interior for Comfort
  • The Ankles Feature Zipper Openings for Easy on and off Wear
  • Jean Style Pockets on the Back
  • Button Closure with Zipper Fly
  • Clean Front, No Pockets
  • Designer Style, Leather and Craftsmanship
  • Order a Pair Today


Yes, You Are Reading the Title Correctly. Our Divine Leather Lambskin Stretch Leather Pants Are Constructed with A Stretch Leather Unlike You Have Ever Seen Before. They Will Look and Fit Amazing and also Stretch in All the Right Places. Constructed from a Soft Lambskin Leather .8mm thick, they come Unlined but are Made with Soft Interior for Comfort. Zippered Opening at the Ankles which Allow for Easy on and Off Wear.

Super Clean Front with Two Back Jean Style Pockets, Going Out on The Town in Leather Pants Have Never Looked So Good. The Design Has A Button and Zipper Front Opening and Will Fit Your Waist Like Jeans Do, The Clean Front Will Say Sexy All The Way.


stretch leather pants

Wear your Stretch leather pants until they are dry. To further stretch your pants, rub them down with a leather softener. Make sure to really rub the treatment into the leather to soften it (and subsequently stretch it). … Then continue to wear your leather pants on a regular basis to naturally stretch them

Precautions for Stretch Leather Pants

To soften leather, use a quality leather conditioning product and avoid natural alternatives like olive or coconut oil. Squeeze the conditioner onto a cloth and spread it on the surface of the leather using smooth, wide strokes. You can repeat this every few months to keep your leather soft and supple!

Before you try to clean stretch leather pants, look at the label on them to make sure they’re machine washable. If they’re not, try wiping them down with water using a microfiber cloth or steam cleaning them. If they are machine washable, turn them inside out, and wash them on a gentle cycle using cold water.

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10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 2, 4, 6, 8

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stretch leather pants


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