• Made of Lightweight ABS Plastic Shell with Composite Plus Construction
  • Lightest Possible Protective Helmet
  • This helmet is not DOT Approved, -NOVELTY HELMET
  • Superior Designed Interior Anti-Bacterial Comfort Liner
  • Quick Release
  • Plate Reinforced Padded Strap
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Half helmets are exactly what the name suggests, helmets that cover half the head. There’s no doubt that a full-face helmet can provide the best protection, however, the half helmet also offers a ton of benefits that new riding enthusiasts aren’t aware of.

Half HelmetThere are pros and cons to every type of helmet. While most riders swear by full-face helmets, there’s something to be said about a helmet that provides protection, while also allowing you to breathe fresh air and really enjoy your ride as you’re flying down the highway. Since the helmet doesn’t fully cover the head, it feels less constraining, compared to a full-face style helmet.


One of the biggest concerns about half of the helmets is safety. It is definitely less safe than full-face helmets – there’s less coverage, it tends to get noisy, and you will get less protection in the event of a crash. However, many riders still use these – even those who have bigger bikes like Harleys. Some of the most common reasons include better ventilation, better view, comfort, and occasionally – for personal style in the divine leather.

More about Half Helmet

If you’re looking for a half helmet for your motorcycle, read on. This article will give you some ideas on some of the best products on the market today. While these continue to face debate because of safety concerns, we made sure to feature only the DOT approved models. 

Let’s start out strong. Made of lightweight carbon composite shell for comfort, the Bell Pit Boss Open-Face helmet is an excellent choice for street touring and cruising. Another great thing about this helmet is the protection it gives. While it does not have the full protection of a full-face helmet, many riders swear by its safety. Some customers who got into accidents have said that this helmet saved their lives

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Weight 2.03 lbs

Glossy Black


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Half Helmet


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