• Throw Over Design
  • Zip Off Saddle Bag Feature
  • Water Proof Material
  • Wide Mouth & Top Double-Pull Zipper
  • Double Twist Lock Closure


If you are worried about which kind of best travel luggage bag you need, the first thing you should ask yourself is whether you want saddlebags that are easily removable or not? Some are more permanent, so this is an important factor to consider.
Most bags come in either hard-mount, throw-over kits, or a quick disconnect system. The difference between them is in the fit as well as the ease of use.

best travel luggageConsider installing a support bracket if you want more permanent, sturdy to avoid any issues while riding. This will make the install sturdier and worry free. Support brackets are usually year, make and model specific, but we do carry universal brackets.

There are also best travel luggage bags with security, such as they can be locked on the top, under the straps, or a key lock on the buckles. Consider what you will carry, where you are going to ride and park, and if such a feature is needed.

Most bags can be easily be unzipped and taken with you, which is the best security. This bag is made of waterproof, durable fabric. It’s more durable and reliable,so you need not to worry about your bag getting damaged or breaking while in use. Check out our collection at DivineLeather

Best Travel Luggage

  • Made Of Strong Durable PVC Material
  • Dimensions 16 Inch Length X 11 Inch Height X 6 Inch Depth X 22 Inch Diagonal Depth
  • Outer Edges With Day/Night Reflective Piping
  • Chrome Plated Studs And Buckles
  • Two Outer Velcro Lock Bonus Pockets
  • Double Strap Front With Quick Release
  • Interior Is Supported With Durable Plastic To Help Maintain Its Shape
  • Built in Double Handles for Easy on the Go Carry
  • Fits most Slant Style Larger Angled Saddle Bags
  • Made of 1200D Textile Weather Resistant Material

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs



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