• Full Grain Premium 2.2mm Cowhide Waterproof Leather
  • Oil & Acid Resistant Outsole w/Non-Skid & Non-Marking Tread
  • Side Zipper Entry with Two Side Buckles and Plain Toe Design
  • Wilted Construction With Milwaukee Signature Hardware
  • Smart Mask Climate Control Insole w/ Flex Power Toe Design
  • Linings are Moisture Wicking, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial
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Mens engineer boots get their name because they were worn by professionals who got their hands dirty. They were worn by engineers who worked with machinery, production lines, harsh working conditions such as boiler rooms, steel mills, etc. Their lives were rife with hazards such as fast-moving production lines, exposed machine parts, molten metal, fittings, and flying debris.

Mens engineer boots were in great demand because they were not only making war machines for World War 2 but also spurring the industrial revolution. These boots represented the times when the people who worked with their hands and minds gave the thrust to bring about the advancements in their times.

Originally, they used to be black and each one weighed around a pound. The toes of Mens engineer boots used to be bulbous and the soles were thick leather. The heels used to be 1.75 inches with a forward slant and concave edge. Some were customized with cleats or studded straps.

More about Mens Engineer Boots

The basics of the mens engineer boots design are; Full-grain leather that is the signature of engineer boots. Tall stovepipe leather leg shafts that may be between 7- 17 inches. Double layer shaft that protects the wearer from water, brush, bruises, heat, water, and other hazards The heel height may be one inch and three-fourth like the traditional models. They may be modified according to the fashion statement.

mens engineer boots

Toe shape protects the toes while giving room to wiggle the toes and accommodate the socks. men’s engineer boots usually have a box-shaped toe. The sole material is traditionally leather. But nowadays many lightweight hi-tech materials better in the market. Safety features such as toe guards, outsole grips, thick soles, preparation for electrical resistance. The toe guards may be made of aluminum, steel, composite, etc.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs



10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 7, 8, 9

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