• USA Deerskin Leather
  • Lightweight and Unlined
  • Snap Wrist Strap Closure


The leather deerskin that made up the gloves is soft and of medium thickness, perfectly capable of handling multiple daily tasks like driving, horse riding, dog walking or doing chores while keeping your hand relatively warm at the same time. The relatively thin leather also offers such great dexterity and comfort that I sometimes forget I’m wearing one.

More About Deerskin Gloves

The lining of the deerskin gloves is mainly cashmere with a bit of wool, which, despite not being so thick as those hundred-dollar pairs, is capable of keeping my hands toasty down to around 29°F. If the temperature drops below that, however, I would advise going for something more insulated and sustainable. Nonetheless, these gloves have a subtle elegance about them that makes them perfect as daily dress gloves.

What’s more, these gloves are among the few brands out there whose sizing is actually precise. Simply follow the sizing chart provided and you’re good to go. And should anything happen, rest assured because Divine leather customer support will always stand by to help.

deerskin gloves

Regular high-quality deerskin leather gloves with cashmere lining might cost as much as over to own. These deerskin gloves, on the other hand, come very close in terms of quality while consuming much less money.these gloves are bound to be pliable and soft.

They are also pretty comfortable, which makes wearing them such a pleasure even for long-hour rides. The gloves do a nice job keeping my hands dry when I happen to run in the rain once, though I wouldn’t be confident enough to claim they’re waterproof.

Besides cowhide, deerskin is another popular material chosen to make gloves. However, deerskin gloves are different from the former in that it’s softer yet thicker, not to mention highly supple and flexible. Moreover, deerskin doesn’t stiffen up after soaking in sweat or water, making it ideal for making work or riding gloves.

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