• Black and white check shirt made of Durable Cotton/Poly Blend Outer Shell
  • Shoulders and Elbows Reinforced w/ Aramid Fiber Thread by DuPont
  • Snap Close Front w/ Hidden Front Zipper

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Black and white check shirt + Long Leather Jacket + Biker vest
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Styling flannel is not hard, you just need to pay attention to the occasion. Many styles are casual, with a few being viable for business casual. Casual looks tend to either channel the “lumberjack” look or something more punk. Whichever you go for, remember that you’ll likely feel great wearing it.

More About Black and white check shirt

Black and white check shirt

You will definitely find some flannel shirts that feature different colors but lack a print. You can tell that these are flannel by touch and some other visual tells such as slightly raised fibers on the fringes of the silhouette. Normally flannel is a no-go when it comes to wearing it with a business dress, but a plain flannel shirt can be easily disguised under a blazer or sports jacket. It should still be passed up when wearing a suit, but for business casual, and non-client facing meetings you’re in the clear

The buffalo check pattern is one of the most ubiquitous patterns in American fashion. It looks similar to plaid or gingham patterns, but the squares are far bigger. The standard buffalo check is red on black for a high contrast look. The standard buffalo check is what makes this style of flannel very difficult to dress up. It doesn’t really play nice with much else, and when trying to tap into fashion, it basically needs to be the outer black and white check shirt. Other varieties also exist, with different colors, but they still have the large, evenly spaced squares.

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