• Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Anti Slip, Oil Resistant Outsole
  • Lace to Toe Design, Cement
  • Linings are Moisture Wicking, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial


The right pair of motocross biker boots will protect your kids from the hazards of racing or trail riding while also instilling confidence and control throughout the rigors of dirt biking. We carry kids dirt biker boots made by the world’s leading names in motocross, so you can be sure the materials, safety, and durability are up to the highest standards.

More About Biker Boots For Kids

Biker Boots

Explore our full selection today along with all of our Youth MX gear and ensure the young ones in your life are geared up for success. Motocross biker boots have the best protection for your child’s feet, ankles, and calves by featuring protective elements that help secure and support feet in the event of a high-speed impact or simply bar-banging with another rider from divine leather.


If you ride, notice manufacturers incorporate all the same safety components as the adult versions. And, like the adult model you have a range of features to choose from as well as price points.

Simply put, the more attributes and higher quality materials incorporated into the boot the higher the price when your child first puts the boots on he or she might feel as though the boots fit too tight, and if it’s their first time wearing a pair they might not like them.

Most youth motocross boots require a break-in period so have your child walk around the house to not only get used to wearing them but get them molded to their feet. Boots should not be used on the bike until your child has worn them and determined them a good fit. If boots stay overly tight or the buckles remain difficult to close without discomfort, you probably need a larger size.

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