• Premium Aniline Cowhide Leather
  • Waterproof Leather and Liner
  • Elasticized Knuckles with Draw String Closure
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap


Biker Gloves are just a term for gloves that extend to cover the entire wrist. Race gloves are gauntlets for crash protection, but many winter or rain gloves are gauntlets to prevent moisture or cold from getting to the hands. Gauntlets provide the most protection from both weather and impact from crashes.

More About Biker Gloves

Biker Gloves

The glove for all of you cold-weather riders is here. Cortech doesn’t really have the branding profile that some of the other manufacturers enjoy but their gear is up there with the best, of course, these Biker Gloves are waterproof and should keep your hands dry in the heaviest of downpours. The liner we mentioned earlier is also breathable so you shouldn’t have an issue with sweaty hands.

In conjunction with heated grips, you could honestly ride to the North Pole. You’re getting a sturdy, well built protective glove, and for the money, these are hard to beat. Keep you comfortable while riding, and keep you safe when crashing; that’s their only job. That’s what Biker Gloves are designed to do, and what your hardware store specials simply aren’t capable of.

If you’re a racing biker, one of those who likes to touch their knee down wherever they go, you spend your weekends doing laps on the tracks and you never miss a Superbikes or MotoGP race, you’ll know that being well equipped is extremely important. Even a bit more so than in other cases as we’re riding around at high speeds. As we all gear up to counter the fast approaching cold season, all roads lead to the nearest gloves’ stores. Let’s be frank, by using simple and normal gloves, it lowers our ability to undertake numerous tasks such as typing, driving, using a mobile phone as well as other several activities.

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Biker Gloves
Biker Gloves


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