• Made of Advanced Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Shell
  • Meets or Exceeds DOT Standards
  • Light Weight and High Impact Resistant
  • Stay Legit and Legal with this Minimal Coverage Helmet
  • Quick Release
  • Plate Reinforced Padded Strap
  • Superior Designed Comfort Interior


Half Helmets for Motorcycle are exactly what the name suggests, helmets that cover half the head. There’s no doubt that a full-face helmet can provide the best protection, however, the half helmets for motorcycle also offer a ton of benefits that new riding enthusiasts aren’t aware of. There are pros and cons to every type of helmet.

Half Helmets for Motorcycle

While most riders swear by full-face helmets, there’s something to be said about half helmets for a motorcycle that provides protection, while also allowing you to breathe fresh air and really enjoy your ride as you’re flying down the highway. Since the half helmets for motorcycle doesn’t fully cover the head, it feels less constraining, compared to a full-face style helmet.

Because it’s the best material, the strongest, that offers greater safety but also achieves another benefit: lightness. And this is very appreciated in a half helmets for a motorcycle of this type as, bearing in mind its features, are usually heavier than other half helmets for motorcycle riders. The design is also something that owners continue to praise – it’s small and lightweight, but it does not appear bulky.

More about Half Helmets for Motorcycle

It may look like a novelty half helmets for motorcycle, but it’s not. The quick-release chin strap is also easy to use. The best part is that it can actually take on faster speeds and a long ride, something that a lot of experienced and long-time riders have expressed satisfaction for.

Riders who have tried this also loved the drop-down smoke sun lens, as well as the ability of the half helmets for a motorcycle to stay comfortable even on long rides (and even at higher speeds). One of the things that set it apart from similar models is the weight. It is one of the lightest quality half helmets for a biker out there at just around 2 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 2.03 lbs

Matte Black


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Size Chart

Half Helmets for Motorcycle


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